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Do you need a team that can help your idea puff? We are dedicated to implement your ideas and introduced it to the world.

1. Print

We help startups create distinguished identity and make amazing design.

Brochure, posters, stationary, packages.

2. Web

We create fabulous sites and make them work on all devices.

Web application, WordPress, responsive, SEO, marketing, social strategy.

3. Support

We love chatting with people from around the world.

You can reach us by emails and calls.


We are rocket launchers. We push ideas into space and they travel hundreds gigabytes per minute.







1. Idea

Bring in your brilliant idea

Have a cup of coffee with our team, receive an estimate and quote from us. We will build relationships with you, understand your concept, and set up project achievable goals.

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2. Plan

More coffee

We brainstorm, research, put together evidence and decide how we will bring your ideas to live, then our team will outline your project, estimate timelines, create milestone, and finally confirm an agreement.

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3. Puff

Puff up your idea!

We establish organized workflow and improved concepts. The optional visually click through wireframe to better illustrate the website structure.

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4. Boil

Boil up!

Our fresh code will guarantee the responsive framework implement the most user-friendly experiences to all size of devices. After a serie of chemical reaction, your imagined idea finally comes to live.

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5. Lab

In our secrete laboratory, the real experiment starts.

This step is to ensure the quality of the final outcome. Our final goal is to present a project both parties will be proud of. So after making final tweaks, and proofreads, we are ready to present the finest project!

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6. Launch


Now that everything needed is available, pending the final puff. upon your approval, the customized online product will push to live, and be recognized by the e-world.

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IdeaPuff is based in Rhode Island and specializes in web development. Our goal is to help our clients enhance their branding recognition.

With the enthusiasm of designing and creating the new media interactive experiences, a graphic designer, a website architect, and a software engineer, took the challenge and found this mobile application and website development firm in Rhode Island. As an innovation station, IdeaPuff not only aims to illustrate the most beautiful recognitions for start up businesses, but also provides the most convenient high quality new media products to fit clients from all different industries. As the company name, you bring your idea in we will puff it up.

Philip Leung / UI/UX Architect & Co-founder

A senior UI/UX Architect, he had named two times of national top ten web design and web development competition. He understands the psychology behind users’ behavior, and combine with his expertise to produce the most user-friendly websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Xueliang Zhang / Software engineer & Co-founder

A genius software engineer, with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Duke University and a Bachelor's degree in Physics. He decided to take on another challenge in the e-world. After few years of back-end construction and database experience, he decided challenge himself even more by starting up this firm.

Yuli Yang / Front-end developer & Co-founder

A gifted designer from Taiwan, creativity is in her blood. Graduated college with a 4.0 GPA, degree in graphic design and concentration in animation. She decides to follow her passion and does what she does the best - graphic design and front-end development. She is in charge of responsive wireframe design, branding design, and specialized in wordpress, HTML5 and CSS3.

Eugenia Fang / Marketing Specialist

Double degree in Hospitality Management and Accountancy, she combines her understanding in customer relationship psychology and knowledge in financial planning to this new challenging marketing field, aiming to find a best solution for her clients, meanwhile balance the company balance sheet.


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